1a. Learning Outcomes for WR 121

WR 121: Writing as a Process of Inquiry

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Learning Outcomes

But What Do These Really Mean?

Apply rhetorical concepts through analyzing and composing a variety of texts You’ll learn to analyze texts not only for what they say. You’ll study how writers craft compelling arguments to help you make smart choices when you write. And you’ll practice writing forms beyond the five-paragraph essay!
Engage texts critically, ethically, and strategically to support writing goals College writing is about discovering and expressing your point of view, which you’ll put in conversation with different perspectives. You’ll learn methods to evaluate the credibility of texts and build your writing ethos.
Develop flexible composing, revising, and editing strategies for a variety of purposes, audiences, writing situations, and genres Writing is a process! You’ll collaborate with your peers and instructor, give and get feedback on your writing, and cultivate habits that will help you more confidently engage with the process.
Reflect on knowledge and skills developed in this course and their potential applications in other writing contexts Reflection is an important component of the writing process; it is an analysis of process, concepts, and knowledge gained; it is an analysis of the self within the process.


How does the writing and work you do in WR 121 transfer to your classes and career?

You’ll practice critical thinking and analytical writing skills, as well as cultivate deep reading and cognitive patience with the texts we read. These are valuable skills on the job market and in life, and they are becoming increasingly rare in the age of fast-paced internet reading and posting. We hope you’re willing—maybe excited—to develop your critical reading and writing practice. By reading this creative commons resource and practicing the skills and methods explored, we hope you will feel more confident in your ability to handle a variety of writing situations.

College Writing poster: In almost every course you will take in college, you are going to be asked to present your understanding of the course using the written word in tests, essays, etc. It is of paramount importance to your success at college that you master the skill of effective writing. . . Master the pen, it will serve you well.

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